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Gabriel Amadeus is seeking knowledge, adventure, a better understanding of the world, and avenues to improve it. Systems thinker, experiential marketer, designer, photographer, writer, and explorer. Motivated and friendly. Interested in grasping the big picture and finessing the minutiae. Possess a rich background in making, design, marketing, and promotion. Unsatisfied with the status quo, he searches for creative, avant-garde solutions by forecasting trends, connecting people, and telling authentic stories.

Cofounder of Limberlost. Contributor for Bicycle Quarterly, Outside Online, 1859, VeloDirt, The Seattle Times, Bunyan Velo, The Radavist, Stay Wild, The Bend Bulletin, Northwest Sportsman, Portland Outsider, The Missouri Review, Portland Mercury, BikePortland, and the Chicago Reader.

Gabriel Amadeus is exploring the world one serendipitous misadventure at a time. He brings good spirits, a crooked compass, and contagious optimism everywhere he goes. Born in a canoe in 1980, steeped in design for over a decade, no plan to stop learning, and loves solving your problems.

Cofounder / Fun Ambassador

Limberlost LLC

2014 - Present

Identified a growing demand in upscale adventure tourism paired with Oregon’s burgeoning food and drink industry. Created a sought-after product with the introduction of iconic trips such as the Oregon Outback (2014) and Three Sisters Three Rivers (2015’s Best New Route, Bikepacking.com). Was named one of Bicycling Magazine’s top 15  World’s Coolest Bike Tours in 2015. Quickly targeted industry partners and potential clients with high-quality, consistently styled photographs and social media campaigns. Focused on building a brand of authenticity—Limberlost’s unique routes, packlists, photo galleries, trip reports, and articles are sought after and frequently shared in major media outlets of the field. This approach has led to strong partnerships with brands seeking to align their products with our distinct lifestyle image such as Stumptown Coffee, Blackburn, and Kona Bicycles. Constantly analyzing our successes and barriers we’ve developed an adaptive business plan consistent with our founding principles yet targeting growth in new arenas.

Freelance Graphic Design & Marketing

Self employed

March 2008 - Present

Built a solid client base and hefty portfolio for a wide variety of esteemed projects and organizations. Successfully tackled projects including full identity packages, print ads, comprehensive event signage, magazine layout, and soft goods. Efficient time management and workflow development provided the opportunity to serve multiple demanding clients simultaneously. Adept at identifying a project’s needs and compiling the right people to deliver assets on schedule. Focusing on each client’s customer base to develop a unique design strategy not only tells their story succinctly—but ensures it falls on eager eyes.

Design & Marketing

Alta Planning + Design

October 2007- March 2008

Refreshed the breadth of the marketing materials including stationery, proposal templates, qualification sheets, business cards, and many other aspects. Produced high-quality 10-60 page proposals with an extremely tight deadline on a daily basis. Published email newsletters and worked directly with print vendors to see projects from conception to actualization. Created public meeting display graphics for projects such as the Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan. Produced final report documents and recommendations for projects such as the Dubai Bicycle Master Plan, North Clackamas Community Park, and the Columbus Ohio Bicycle Master Plan.

Technical Skills

Expert in the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Skilled with common office software as well as finding new tools for word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, databases, presentations, project management, and workflow efficiency.

Knowledge of professional photography and lighting techniques, as well as post-processing for various mediums.

Published writer with excellent grammar skills and a knack for storytelling.

Strong asset management skill set.

Managing and publishing content on WordPress-based sites, as well as comfortable with basic HTML and SEO optimization.

Experienced in promotion, organization, and management of events and campaigns.

Adept at building and managing a team of volunteers as well as contributing as a member.


University of Minnesota, Duluth

2004 BFA, Graphic Design


Design, bicycling, traveling, fashion, woodworking, sailing, rock climbing, fly fishing. Extraordinary adventures.

I loved the mural and was very impressed with your quick response.

—Darrell Webb, President, Fred Meyer

This project was a success, in no small part because of your support so I want to thank you for everything!

—Emily Wilson, NECN

[Gabriel] understands the basic concept and need quickly and can take that idea and run with it on his own. He needs little direction and always creates an appropriate and creative end-product.

—Greg Fredette, Principal Managing Partner, Saturno Design

What can I do for you?


Distilling the essence of what you offer your customers. Crafting your tastes for their palette. Telling your story to the people who need to hear it, in a language they understand. Gabriel goes to great depths to understand your needs for future growth and how you want to communicate your message to customers. He’s fluent in understanding markets and what style and aesthetic speaks to them. He creates timeless marks that outlast fads and volumes of visual assets that allow ease of brand application to a wide variety of communications.


Carrying a camera with him each time he steps out the door, Gabriel is fascinated by the natural world and finding new ways to capture the essence of a moment as it passes through time. Published in Bicycle Quarterly, Outside Online, 1859, The Seattle Times, Bunyan Velo, The Radavist, Stay Wild, The Bend Bulletin, Northwest Sportsman, Portland Outsider, The Missouri Review, Portland Mercury, and the Chicago Reader. Gabriel possesses a huge library of diverse photographs available for licensing and would be happy to talk about custom lifestyle, event, and product photography.


Understanding the limitations and tactile advantages of the printed form Gabriel prides himself in working closely with you to develop a excellent printed product. Whether it’s a simple confidence-inspiring business card or hundreds of event collateral pieces you’re seeking; he can provide the experience and design caliber to spread your message succinctly, economically, and beautifully across the physical medium. Posters, screen printing, banners, letterpress, invites, editorial, variable data, alternative materials—you name it, he can deliver a successful campaign.


Working intimately with talented web developers, he is able to implement a brand’s substance across the digital landscape. Creating a beautiful website doesn’t need to be complex. Gabriel can help you refine what information is relevant to your audience and in what hierarchy it will have the most impact. Familiar with the idiosyncrasies and fluidity of responsive design principles and passionate about user experience he provides invaluable insight and design prowess to your digital communications.

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